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TO DONATE BY BANK TRANSFER - IBAN: IT80T0100503386000000005101 / SWIFT: BNL II TRR or DONATE ONLINE. Your help is very important. THANKS


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Donating online is simple, fast and secure. A credit card is a payment instrument, consisting of a laminated card with the device for the acceptance of data identifying the holder and the issuing bank or financial institution.

Among most well known credit cards we can find:

Visa - Card American Express - Master Card - Diners

Credit Cards



With the Monthly Bank Wire Transfer can authorize your bank to make an automatic transfer every month or, according to a cadence you set, even small donations, of a fixed amount from your bank account. The operation is simple: fill out your "Bank Transfer form indicating the amount you wish to donate and the frequency with which you want to do it, and send it by fax or mail. In this way allow us to ask your bank for the credit scheme of your donation according to the frequency and the amount you want.

What are the advantages of the Bank Wire Transfer

You can also donate very small amounts;
It helps you to be regular in payment if you have joined an annual program (NUTRICAM / solidarity pediatric or adoption of a bed);
You can avoid lines at banking establishments or mail;
It allows you to save time and cost more window operations, we save on costs and management time of the tenders received;
You can deduct 19% of the amount donated by the gross tax.


What is a bank wire

The bank wire transfer is a payment order that a person directs towards his bank, so that it sends a sum of money in a bank counterparty, with a request to pay the same sum to a specified recipient. The operation is widely used in the regulation of commercial and private transactions, and has gained over time more and more space to be preferred to other means of payment (eg. Checks) for its speed, safety and economy. But while talk about the advantages of credit elsewhere, this is the time to understand how you can order a bank and what data are needed to run it.

How to do a bank money transfer and what it takes to run it

To make the transfer is not necessary to be a customer of a bank. The bank transfer is, in fact made by cash, and can therefore be a form of regulation accessible to everyone. Of course that is almost always the economic conditions imposed by the institution to its customers are preferential to those reserved for non-customers, with the result that the commission per transaction will undoubtedly be higher in the case of cash payment. The data that the bank will require to give rise to a transfer are: data originator, name, address and identity documents (if not previously vested) of the person effecting the transaction; personal data of the beneficiary, or name, address of the payee, beneficiary's bank details or IBAN code (in case of an Italian bank), which recently replaced ABI, CAB and account number such as bank details necessary to give rise to a similar operation; description of the transaction (if any), ie a causal statement that the bank will inform the beneficiary as a rationale underlying the operation of transfer funds. Meeting the requirements just stated, the bank is able to make the transfer by sending money to their counterparts, who will receive them by crediting the account in the normal processing time of the transaction, now equal to one or a few days. Therefore, to receive a credit by bank transfer, the payer will need to provide our name and our address, together with coordinated IBAN that uniquely identifies our current account in the interbank system.

Arrangements for  the payment of a donation to Smiling Angel
By bank transfer (money order), payable to SMILING ANGEL ONLUS ASSOCIATION SIMONE PIETRO ABATE  IBAN IT80T0100503386000000005101 - SWIFT BNL II TRR, specifying the name of the donor.


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TO DONATE BY BANK TRANSFER - IBAN: IT80T0100503386000000005101 / SWIFT: BNL II TRR or DONATE ONLINE. Your help is very important. THANKS


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