Maria Pia

The constitution of Smiling Angel Association has been for us a difficult assignment but at the same time, has filled with joy our life. The great responsability has given us the strength to go on with our life. We have succeeded in restoring environments that were very degraded and tried to make them more suitable for children. Now, the number of things to do has quite increased... children are growing up and they need us and our love, more than ever.

With your help we can do a lot!


Among the principals goals of Smiling Angel, we enumerate the followings:

- To provide to the didactic and professional formation of the children that show attitudes towards study and learning, promoting the formation and the qualification of children and teen-agers in order to improve their future condition taking actively part in the development of their own country, inserting them, according to their possibilities, in the world of work.
- To provide when possible, to the cares or the necessary medical interventions for ill children affected by curable illnesses or operable malformations.
- To make more pleasant and comfortable all the areas where children live, through the restauration and the embellishment of the structures, the realization of mural paintings, forniture and toys representing proper sketches suitable for children, the creation of external and inside areas to play.
- To provide so that the smallest children, are followed in the game inside the structures where they live, by a specialized teacher in order to teach them, through the playing activities, to interact each other.



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Maria Pia